Books can be purchased on and Barnes and Noble, or contact Chris Adams.

Books can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or by contacting Chris Adams Jr.

The Cold War SerieS

INSIDE THE COLD WAR: A Cold Warrior's Reflections


A non-fiction personal monograph about the Cold Warriors, the men and women who served with the strategic nuclear forces…the bombers, ballistic missiles and the nuclear submarines during the Cold War. (Read More)

Ideologies in Conflict : A Cold War Docu-Story


A unique and unusually developed documentary tracing the forty-five year Cold War.  The work is unusual and unique. It is unusual because like most books of an historical nature, it is free-flowing and not tightly structured. (Read More) 

Red Eagle



This is an exceptionally detailed novel about Soviet espionage tactics during the Cold War.  The manufactured tale provides an extraordinary and factual inside view of the two Soviet powerful and aggressive secret police spy agencies, the KGB and the GRU. (Read More)

Profiles in Betrayal


 “Who killed JFK?” As the 40th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy approaches, the persistent and ominous question lingers. (Read More)

The Betrayal Mosaic


The principal character drawn from his previous books, Alexandr “Sasha” Katsanov, the loyal and dedicated Soviet GRU espionage agent, is challenged once again when KGB operatives attempt to kill him, but instead brutally murder his wife, Katiya. (Read More)

Out of Darkness


To give life to this historical novel, the featured character from his previous stories, Sasha Katsanov, a highly trained and skilled Soviet spy who continues to move from one exciting adventure to the next. (Read More)



In Deterrence, Major General Adams tells the story of the U.S. leaders, officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the U.S. military strategic forces of the Air Force and the Navy strategic nuclear submarine forces, successfully carried on the war until the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991. (Read More)

Requiem of a Spy


The FBI arrest 12 Russian spies! Newspaper headlines, radio and television networks broadcast the startling news. A dozen or more undocumented Russian agents were caught operating undercover within the United States. This event might well have occurred back during the last Millennia, and it did, but this is 2010! (Read More)

Texas: A Free Nation Under God


After a 13-day siege by the Mexican Army in March 1836 the Alamo fell. The Texas Army, led by General Sam Houston, engaged and defeated General Santa Anna's Mexican forces at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. When Texas agreed to join the United States in 1846, it reserved the right to secede from the United States. (Read More)

Lone Assassin or Pawn


The deadly bullets that sprayed the President’s black limousine convertible at 12:30 noon as it moved slowly westward past Dealey Plaza on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas, on that sunny fall day, quickly riveted the airways with the news. The fatal shots plunged the nation into shock. (Read More)

Final Approach: A Flight Through Life


This is an autobiographical work describing Chris Adams as a young boy growing up in the most humble surroundings where the entire family worked to maintain the most basic lifestyle. He went on to work his way during and after high school in the Texas oil fields in order to enroll in college. With a quest to fly, fly he did with the U.S. Air Force, in B-36 and B-52 bombers during the Cold War, eventually becoming a senior commander, rising to the grade of Major General and Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Command. (Read More)

Notable Encounters


LATEST RELEASE -- The Author characterizes the book as a memoir, entitled, Notable Encounters. As such, Adams has diligently documented his recollection of dozens of memorable special people that he enjoyed the unique opportunity of meeting over the years of  his professional experiences. Many of the names of those whom he had the pleasure of meeting are easily recognized, while others are introduced to the reader for the first time. (Read More)