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Requiem of a Spy

 The FBI arrest 12 Russian spies! Newspaper headlines, radio and television networks broadcast the startling news. A dozen or more undocumented Russian agents were caught operating undercover within the United States. This event might well have occurred back during the last Millennia, and it did, but this is 2010! The Cold War has been over for almost twenty years, or has it? Were we surprised? After all, the President of the United States had within the previous week of the arrests, hosted the President of Russia to an Official State Visit. I could not have created a more perfect, although factually unsettling, introduction to the exciting and factual story which lies within. 

Fiction Novel, ISBN 978-14520-4432-3, 363 pages, Author House, Hard Cover $28.95; Soft Cover $17.99. An extraordinary spy novel about Soviet espionage training, tactics and exploitation during the Cold War, and as we now know, they continue to pursue their objectives yet today. A Must Read!