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Cold War Series

Out of Darkness


OUT OF DARKNESS, once again is drawn from the author's extensive background and experienced travels in the Soviet Union and later the former Soviet States to create this historical novel. Most Americans and perhaps even many Russian people themselves were never aware of the intensity of the potential life-threatening conflict that pervaded the world about them, much less grasped the true gravity of the implications of Cold War itself.

To give life to this historical novel, the featured character from his previous stories, Sasha Katsanov, a highly trained and skilled Soviet spy who continues to move from one exciting adventure to the next. The story witnesses Sasha's growing self-doubts about his government and his eventual participation in the implosion of the Soviet Empire. The author alludes to the fact that many of the episodes are based on similar events that actually took place during the Cold War. The tale is rich with culture, human interactions, anxiety, mystery and intrigue culminating in a complex story and astonishing conclusion. A Must Read!

 OUT OF DARKNESS: The Last Russian Revolution...A Cold War Novel
ISBN: 978-0-595-67745-0, 274 pages, iUniverse Press, $17.95 (soft cover); $27.95 (hard cover). This is the fourth in Adams' Cold War Series of novels and continues to characterize the turbulent unrest in the lives of the Russian people under the yoke of communism. Consistent with his previous novels in the series, the story includes high adventure, spy intrigue and excitement as the Soviet war machine begins to collapse under its own corrupt weight.