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Cold War Series

Profiles in Betrayal

“Who killed JFK?” As the 40th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy approaches, the persistent and ominous question lingers. Dozens of books have been written about the tragedy, seven by one author alone, Harold Weisberg. Most of the written works reflect exhaustive research and resulting speculation, opinions and conjecture. Few of the books arrive at the same consensus as that of the Warren Commission which investigated the murder. PROFILES IN BETRAYAL is a uniquely developed novel which centers on the assassination. 

It is unique in that the author has cleverly created a story entwined with facts, fiction and a slight twist of concluding serious satire. Following the assassination of President Kennedy and the revelation that the accused killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, lived in the Soviet Union for three years prior to committing his alleged deed, historical Soviet paranoia erupted. The main character of the story, “Sasha” Katsanov, is a highly trained and skilled Soviet GRU agent-spy who is sent undercover to the United States in an attempt to determine if Oswald was in fact under the influence of the KGB, other Soviet interests or did he act alone? The historical rivalry between the GRU and the infamous KGB is rekindled with numerous attempts on the part of the latter to thwart Sasha’s mission. Kidnapping, torture and murder, a routine part of the KGB’s modus operandi to influence and exert power and control were put to full use in the attempts to sabotage Sasha’s investigation.

260 pages, fiction, $15.95 (soft cover) $25.95 (hard cover), A mystery sequel to RED EAGLE which explores the assassination of President John Kennedy from a Soviet KGB perspective. This historical novel provides actual revelations about the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his life in the Soviet Union prior to the murderous deed, and the impact on the confused and befuddled paranoid-prone Soviet leadership.