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While much has been written about the Cold War from the political, diplomatic and overall military perspective, very little has been written about the American warriors who fought and won the war.  In Deterrence, Major General Chris Adams tells the story of the U.S. leaders, officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the U.S. military strategic forces of the Air Force and the Navy strategic nuclear submarine forces, successfully carried on the war until the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991.  Adams goes even farther by recognizing the families of the Cold War military personnel who sacrificed and gave as much as the warriors themselves. This book goes a long way toward telling how and why the United States prevailed in the Cold War."

-- Keith D. McFarland, Ph.D. Professor of History and President Emeritus,Texas A&M University~Commerce

267 pages; nonfiction, $20.95 (Soft Cover), $30.95 (Hard Cover). Few Americans recognized or paid close attention to the outset of the Cold War and thereafter the enduring years, mainly because it persisted for so long and few alarming situations intruded their daily lives. Only noteworthy events such as Sputnik, the shooting down of Gary Power's U-2 spy plane and the Cuban Crisis brought the potentially threatening circumstances home, and then only briefly until other news items took their place. Deterrence briefly reviews the protracted Cold War era, but goes further to characterize the leaders, the nine Cold War presidents; the senior military commanders and the Cold War heroes whose lives were placed on the line to provide the necessary deterrence to defend our Great Nation.

The book describes the many weapons systems employed by the United States to maintain the deterrence along with numerous actual aerial engagements with the Soviets during the period by the many Airmen who were on the front lines of defense.