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Dallas: Lone Assassin or Pawn

The deadly bullets that sprayed the President’s black limousine convertible at 12:30 noon as it moved slowly westward past Dealey Plaza on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas, on that sunny fall day, quickly riveted the airways with the news. The fatal shots plunged the nation into shock. 

Within hours of the tragedy and his arrest, it was discovered that the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a former U.S. Marine electronics specialist who had previously defected to the Soviet Union and lived there with apparent immunity for almost three years prior to returning and allegedly committing the treacherous deed.

The disclosures plunged both the United States and the Soviet Union, in particular, into a tumultuous period of suspicion and discovery. A skilled Soviet GRU agent is engaged to sort out the facts. Having worked undercover for Russia in the US, this young Russian is the perfect candidate to review the inner sanctums of their respective activities in an attempt to avert any appearances of any implication of Soviet involvement. 

The merge of facts and fiction, or faction, is woven around the tragic assassination of an American president where fifty years after the fateful shooting, there remain more questions than answers, more conjecture than responses, and more assertions than defense. 


iUniverse Press, 280 pages, in both hardback and soft cover; available on-line and in bookstores.